Sunny Day, Hoi An

This Monday was the first full day of sunshine in more than two weeks. Sort of anemic sunshine for sure, but the sky was decidedly blue versus gray for a change. It did not rain all day. Sadly, if the weather forecast is accurate, a nasty storm will arrive in Hoi An by way of the East Sea sometime tonight or tomorrow. We apparently are in for a couple of days of heavy rain at the very least. The flooding from our first big storm of the year, now more than two weeks ago, has mostly receded (the floods making international news are to the north of Hoi An), but there is still plenty of water standing in the fields. If the storm brings heavy, driving rain for any length of time, roads will become impassable and life will get messy again.


Rain…and More Rain, Hoi An

This year’s rainy season arrived in central Vietnam several days ago. To make sure nobody missed the change of season, Hoi An is now into its fifth day of steady – sometimes torrential – rain. The fields around me, fallow after the recent rice harvest, are flooded, but the roads and pathways near me are wet but passable. My house has had no water problems so far, fingers crossed. There is significant flooding in parts of Hoi An. Hopefully the current storm will soon pass, but in any case, we can expect lots of rain and rainy days for the rest of this month and November. The rain should taper off in December.

This was shot at 9:30 in the morning. Any hint of the sun or blue sky is well-hidden by the brooding clouds.


Country Living, Hoi An, Vietnam

I live in one of the houses in the right center of the photo. The foreground is flooded rice paddy, though the rice plants are tall enough that it is no longer possible to see the water in the fields delivered by the irrigation canals that crisscross this area. I suppose it would be more accurate to say ex-urban living – I am only two or three km from Hoi An’s small city center.