California Grapes, Chiang Mai

California Grapes

Grapes imported from where else—California—are a pricey treat available in Chiang Mai markets. I have seen them go for about $5.25 a pound in supermarkets, though I am sure they are less in an outdoor wet market like the one in the photo. In a place where a mango costs 50 cents or so, these grapes are expensive. People pick them off the stems and take the individual grapes away in a plastic bag. Thailand has a Muslim minority in the south of the country near the border it shares with Malaysia, but this trip to the market was the first time I saw women wearing the hajib here in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.



Tribute Oranges

This is the season for Tribute Oranges – 貢橘 (gongju) – in China. Apparently they used to be delivered to the emperor as tribute and that is how they got their name. Or so a friend tells me. Whatever the case they are really delicious, the kind of treat you can eat by the bowlful.  At this time of year here in the US, I buy the little Clementines from California. These can also be tasty, but they are just not the same. When I stumbled across this photo several days ago, I realized how much I miss the Chinese original.

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