The Han River, Da Nang, Vietnam

The Han River, Da Nang, VietnamDa Nang was hit on Monday with a tropical storm that dumped a huge amount of rain on the city. The rain began around 7:30 in the morning and continued all day, torrential much of the time. Apparently, there was flooding in parts of the city, though not around where I live. Tuesday morning, it was overcast but not raining so I ventured out in search of food. The Han River, usually a flat gray with hints of blue or green depending on the light, was swollen with runoff and silt from the storm and had turned a muddy reddish brown. The water’s color makes an interesting contrast to the overcast gray sky. There was no rain Tuesday until evening, at which point the sky opened and water poured down in sheets. Water accumulated quickly on the deck upstairs from me, and eventually started dripping down the wall of my living room. Repairs were undertaken Wednesday and the drainage system on the deck was improved. The verdict on the improvements awaits the next time it rains.

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