Overcast Morning, Da Nang, Vietnam

Overcast Morning, Da Nang, Vietnam

Today was not a particularly auspicious day to start off with a new camera. It was overcast all day and the light flat. By noon the temperature was close to 100, the humidity was stifling and there was not a hint of a breeze. Late afternoon brought rain. But at 6:40 in the morning when this was taken, it was still pleasant outside and a little work in the digital darkroom gave some life to the colors in this image. The D750 has 24 megapixels, which let one capture some amazing detail in a landscape photo like this. Of course, by the time the image is reduced significantly in size and saved as a jpeg for publication online, all that detail pretty much disappears. A decent mobile phone camera and a photo tweaking app on the phone will produce almost the same results.

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