Back in the USA

Downtown Denver, Colorado, seen from just west of I-25

After 25 years in China, I landed back in the United States three weeks ago. Denver, Colorado, my new home, is quite a change from Beijing. I lived on Colorado’s western slope when I was a high school boy a long time ago and I have been visiting family in Denver for many years. But I have never lived in Denver until now. The Mile High City, Gateway to the Rockies, Denver is that and a lot more. It’s a great place and I am delighted to be here.

My blogging to date has focused on photographs, mostly of China. I expect this blog will feature a lot of photos, though I am still pretty uncertain what direction my photography will take now that I no longer have China to point my camera at. Be that as it may, the new format gives me more flexibility to ramble with the keyboard as well as with the camera.

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3 thoughts on “Back in the USA”

  1. Looks great, Steve…..welcome home. Nice to have you back in the States….and look forward to seeing you at the next reunion, WHENEVER that may be…..

  2. Great to see you back with new photos and look forward to your photos of and thoughts on your new home. (I guess you posted your first post-China blog on China’s National Day!). Best wishes, Andy

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