St. Mark’s Looking Skyward, Venice

The entrance to St. Mark’s Basilica was covered by scaffolding for preservation work of some kind on the day I visited. Given the volume of tourists passing through St Mark’s Square and the famed chuch, maintaining this site must present enormous challenges. In any case, I happily settled for of an image of the top of the western-facing facade of the basilica. Backlighting from a morning sun added a nice touch.

Antique Teapots, Saigon

Lê Công Kiều, a small street near Saigon’s Museum of Fine Arts, is lined with antique shops. These teapots with traditional designs look bronze, so I am assuming they are bronze. All of them may be genuine antiques or some of them may be newly minted and made to look old in a factory somewhere in Vietnam. One never knows in antique shops. Buyer beware unless you know what you are doing. I am not a collector of stuff in any case, so walking away with a photo or two is more than enough to satisfy me.