Floating Market, Chau Doc, Vietnam

Châu Đốc is a Vietnamese city sitting on the country’s border with Cambodia. The Hau River (Sông Hậu), part of the massive Mekong Delta system of rivers, flows through Châu Đốc. Every morning a floating market is busy in the center of the river. People from the northern side of the river bring their fruits and vegetables to the market for buyers from the south side who take their wholesale purchases back to markets in the city.Facebooktwittermail

Riverside Market, Mekong Delta

The loading dock pictured here serves a riverside market in the small city of Cái Bè, which is about 100 km to the southwest of Saigon and 85 km from where the Mekong spills into the East Sea. Fruits and vegetables are grown on one side of the river and ferried to urban markets on the other side. These workers are handling large baskets of rambutan fruit.Facebooktwittermail

Floating Market, Chau Doc, Vietnam

Between the north and south shores of the Bassac River as it flows by the city of Châu Đốc, there is a floating wholesale market every day. Ethnic Cham people who live on the north bank of the river bring fruits and vegetables from their farms to the market. Ethnic Vietnamese townspeople from Châu Đốc on the south side of the river buy produce for sale in land borne retail markets in the city.Facebooktwittermail

Morning Seafood Market, Da Nang, Vietnam

Seafood Market, Da Nang, VietnamDa Nang has a morning seafood market by the sea a couple of km north of the tourist section of the beach. I decided to ride up and take a look one morning recently. Unfortunately, by the time I got there around 6:30, the market was pretty much over. Most of the vendors were already finished packing up and were eating their breakfasts or leaving. Seems I need to be on my way earlier if I want to catch this place in action.Facebooktwittermail