Moore School, Denver


The Dora Moore School looks very impressive in late afternoon winter light. The K-8 school is part of the Denver public school system and is housed in a landmark building located in the city’s Capital Hill neighborhood. The original building opened to students in 1890. The facility has been added to since then and was completely restored in 2004.


Tribute Oranges

This is the season for Tribute Oranges – 貢橘 (gongju) – in China. Apparently they used to be delivered to the emperor as tribute and that is how they got their name. Or so a friend tells me. Whatever the case they are really delicious, the kind of treat you can eat by the bowlful.  At this time of year here in the US, I buy the little Clementines from California. These can also be tasty, but they are just not the same. When I stumbled across this photo several days ago, I realized how much I miss the Chinese original.

I haven’t been posting much to this blog recently, but I have been working on photo galleries, so far mostly of work from China. A lot of photos, big job – a work in progress. If you like, please hit the Galleries link above and take a look.